Diapason Waterfall All- Around Necklace


Photo Source:https://www.johngreedjewellery.com/women-c193/swarovski-diapason-all-around-waterfall-crystal-necklace-p59806

This necklace is a romantic piece and the concept is it will bring instant appeal to people outfit. 


Photo Source:https://www.johngreedjewellery.com/women-c193/swarovski-diapason-all-around-waterfall-crystal-necklace-p59806

The surface of the necklace is surrounded by clear crystal. In addition, this necklace has a stunning crystal clear waterfall silhouette that continues to the surrounding. 226386

Photo Source:http://www.starstyle.com/miranda-kerr-swarovski-christmas-tree-lighting-in-chengdu-sp226386/

Miranda Kerr wears Swarovski Diapason Waterfall All-Around necklace when she in attendance at Swarovski event. 

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