Happy Diamonds Earrings

hd poster

photo source:https://www.chopard.com/intl/jewellery/happy-diamonds

Chopard has created the ‘Happy Diamonds’ Collection which included the earrings. Each of the diamonds is being carefully selected by master jewelers at Chopard.

photo source:https://www.chopard.com/intl/jewellery/happy-diamonds


The Happy Diamonds earrings has a few designs with different colors and shapes such as Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold with circle and love shape. The earrings is available with or without the diamonds.

photo source:https://www.chopard.com/intl/jewellery/earrings/happy-diamonds/happy-diamonds-icons-ear-pins-83a054-1201

This is the side views of the earrings for a better look.



photo source:https://us.vestiairecollective.com/women-jewellery/earrings/chopard/happy-diamonds/

The Happy Diamonds earrings also available in a long design.

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