Divas’ Dream Necklaces


To honor the beauty of Rome with a tribute to women, Bvlgari launched its exquisite new jewelry line for 2017,  Divas’ Dream collection. Bvlgari believes that every woman is a secret diva inside with a sensual, unique part of herself that sets her apart. Therefore, using “fan” to form a more complex “peacock” totem that integrates the elements originated from the mosaic of ancient Rome’s Terme di Caracalla, Bvlgari wants the fan to be the symbol of noble and aesthetic.

dd two

photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-us/products.html?root_level=315&aesthetic_line=55

The designers use “fan” layered peacock feather pendant, different colors of fan-shaped cut gem on behalf of peacock colorful feathers.

photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-hk/products.html?root_level=315&product_detail_one=218


photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-hk/products.html?root_level=315&product_detail_one=218

The central of the pendant mosaic a triangular cut aquamarine, surrounded by small diamonds and aquamarine ornaments, necklaces are partially embedded with feminine pave diamonds, delicate mother-of-pearl, pink opal, turquoise, malachite, pink sapphire or emerald.

shu qi

photo source:http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/2296822/bvlgari-divas-dream-2017-collection

Actor Shu Qi


photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-us/divas-dream-blogger-page

Chriselle Lim


photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-us/divas-dream-blogger-page

Tina Leung

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