B. Zero 1 Earrings


b 0 ppl

B. Zero 1 is certainly the best iconic jewelry from the Roman jeweler Bulgari created in 1999 and modeled after Emperor Vespasian’s Colosseum that still stands in the Roman Forum today. 

The B. Zero 1 earrings comes from the ones that came encased with marble, to stunning ceramic ones that are still a crowd favorite, and the color of white, pink and white gold that comes either without or with pave diamonds.

b 0.png

photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-sg/products/348036-e.html

b 0 close look.jpg

photo source:https://www.ounass.ae/shop-bvlgari-rose-gold-diamond-pave-b-zero1-small-earrings-211229977.html

b o close1.jpg

photo source:https://www.luxurybags.eu/earrings/47672-bulgari-bzero1-18kt-white-gold-pave-diamonds-earrings

b 0 white.png

photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-sg/products/346464-e.html

b o silver.png

photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-sg/products/353797-e.html

b 0 gold.png

photo source:https://www.bulgari.com/en-sg/products/355007-e.html

Featuring a central spiral, clasped by two flat rings engraved with the Bvlgari double logo, B. zero 1 has an unprecedented design.


photo source:http://saucery.rssing.com/chan-1827271/all_p38.html

Jaime King

celeb b 01

photo source:http://style.soshified.com/2013/07/snsd-bulgari-red-valentino-club-monaco/

Yuri and Yoona from SNSD

Celebrities such as Jaime King, Yuri and Yoona from SNSD wore Bvlgari B. Zero 1 earrings for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2013 and photo shooting.

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