Panthère de Cartier Rings

panther ring

In 1914, Louis Cartier commissioned a French painter, George Barbier to draw a lady with jewels and a panther. The panther eventually came to represent Cartier soon after.  That same year, Cartier released its first panther product, a wristwatch featuring a spotted design meant to resemble the creature’s fur. The series, however, was discontinued for a while until its recent kick start back in 2017, which continues to enthrall and be a subject of admiration.

The following are the different designs of the Panthère de Cartier Rings.


panther 2 rings

photo source:



photo source:

The $291,000 white gold ring adorned with aquamarine, beryls, emeralds, onyx and diamonds is undeniably flashy, though the collection also includes more subtle and refined options, such as the $22,700 yellow gold and diamond pendant.


photo source:

The pieces vary widely in design and style, but all Cartier panthers feature the house’s signature emerald green stones for the animal’s eyes.

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