Juste un Clou Bracelet

nail 1.jpg

The Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet, the iconic Love bracelet’s younger and easier-to-remove sister, was inspired by the humble nail. As the name declares in French, it’s ‘just a nail’ rendered in gold and delicately curved to encircle the wrist .


3 nail.jpg

photo source:https://www.buro247.sg/watches-and-jewellery/news/cartier-juste-un-clou-slim-bracelet-ring-lapel-pin.html

car nail

photo source:https://www.cartier.com/en-us/collections/jewelry/collections/juste-un-clou/juste-un-clou-bracelets.html

Cartier relaunched the collection in 2012. They were made available in rose, white, and yellow gold, and some models were outfitted with pavé diamonds set into the “head” of the nail.

crystal nail.jpg

Juste un Clou bracelet with diamonds

photo source:https://www.truefacet.com/guide/history-of-the-cartier-juste-un-clou-bracelet/

nail box.jpg

photo source:http://diamondseast.com/product/cartier-nail-juste-un-clou-bracelet-18k-yellow-gold-new-size-15-b6037815/



photo source:https://www.henniscarecentre.com/cheap.asp?blog/cartier-juste-un-clou-caused-by-a-nail-fashion-trends/

Celebrities, models and  socialite such as Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner, Kristen Steward and Olivia Palermo wear Juste un Clou bracelet to events, parties and even for daily occasion.


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