Background of SWAROVSKI

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Daniel Swarovski was born in 1862, Bohemia and his family owned  a crystal- cutting company . In 1883, Daniel founded a jewelry company and by 1886 they had more than 70 employees  andprovided jewelry for Queen Victoria. In addition, in 1891, Daniel registered a patent for a crystal cutter and in 1895 moved from Bohemia to Wattens, Austria to produce crystal. 

Beside that, in 1911, Daniel Swarovski and his family established their own glass factory to produce high quality glass. In the 1920s, the “flapper” fashion sparked an increase of demand for fashionable Swarovski designs. After the Second World War, the company established Swarovski Optik which is using its expertise in glass manufacturing manufacture lenses, binoculars, and telescope. Thus, this make Swarovski become the market leader in precision optics.     

In 2000, Swarovski launched a pearl with a crystal core that provide the weight, texture and sheen of natural pearls combined with the quality of Swarovski crystal. Also, Swarovski continues to work with fashion designers in order to innovate creative and new designs that drive crystal design. Currently, Swarovski is returning to its roots, relaunching the shape of the Edelweiss as a new pendant in autumn and winter.


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